Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Malta may be the seat of the oldest civilisation in our world. Megalithic structures have been excavated that predate the pyramids of the Egyptians and demonstrate incredible sophistication. There are those who postulate an idealistic'Goddess civilisation' later eradicated by patriarchal societies. Marija Gimbutas is probably the most famous of the proponents of the ancient 'Goddess Culture'. Her theories, although attractive and persuasive, cannot be proven. They certainly created a revolution in contemporary spiritual circles, however.

Here are some amateur videos showing ruins from the early megalithic civilisations in Malta. Some are better than other, but they all give the viewer an idea of the sheer magnitude and magnificence of this ancient society.

I found this video of Malta by the same individual who made a nice video of his visit to Pompeii.

I found a video of Malta by a native Maltese accompanied by a favourite song from Lord of the Rings, oddly enough: 'May it Be' sung by Enya, from 'Fellowship of the Rings but do not have the link now.

Here is one with a musical accompaniment made popular by the film 'Barry Lyndon'. It is a bit too dramatic for the video but the photography of Malta is quite splendid.

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